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Oil & Gas Sector


As one of Canada’s most highly regulated industries, complex reporting requirements and ever-changing legislation often converge to create an overwhelming workload for internal accounting and operations teams in Canada’s resource sector. AEC’s energy experts have decades of experience wholly devoted to linear and heavy industrial property tax, and are well-equipped to tailor a solution for your company.

The entrepreneurial flair of Western Canada’s energy sector creates a fast-paced, high-growth business environment – a dynamic that also requires a solid and reliable partner. Our support of junior and intermediate-sized oil & gas companies provides the necessary confidence that enables our clients to focus on growing their core competencies.

The tangible benefits AEC’s team delivers to clients include cost recovery and ongoing savings, efficient property tax management, custom reporting, and the ability to increase the value of assets. We provide a unique blend of accounting compliance support and in-the-field know-how that promotes confidence and lowers operating costs.

Gas Refinery

AEC is a TRACE Intermediary Member, representing commitment to anti-bribery compliance and ethical business practices. We support commercial transparency with our customers, business partners, suppliers and others. .