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Purchase/ Sale Due Diligence



The objective is to assist the Client in accurately modeling cash flow projections for purchases and/or development planning. AEC will provide the following Development Advisory service. Specific duties and activities would include:

  1. Obtain preliminary site information from the client
  2. Prepare replacement cost estimates relying upon MPAC’s costing methodology
  3. Review historical tax rates and provide projections for same going forward
  4. Provide the client with a five (5) year estimate of assessed values and applicable tax rates from which to support a realty tax forecast
  5. AEC will provide regular reporting and proposed action plans for any identified issues

Custom Interval Reporting



Specific duties and activities would include:

  1. Determine when this information is required
  2. Confirm if guidance is at property level or by municipality / region or province
  3. Tax Savings & Variance Reporting for Canadian portfolio monthly and quarterly

Tax Forecasting


For 43 years, AEC has been helping commercial and industrial property owners manage their tax liability. Not only do we have the knowledge and experience to help you forecast taxes on existing properties, we can anticipate taxes on new projects and acquisition before they are levied!

As the single largest realty operating cost, property taxes can become a burden to cash-flow – especially when they increase unexpectedly. With everchanging portfolios, property values, and municipal tax rates – estimating property taxes can be extremely difficult for property owners. We can help assist you with adding tax certainty to your portfolio.

AEC is a TRACE Intermediary Member, representing commitment to anti-bribery compliance and ethical business practices. We support commercial transparency with our customers, business partners, suppliers and others. .