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Expert Witness Services


With accountability to the Assessment Review Board and not to a client, the expert witness team provides impartial determination of property values.


Specific duties and activities would include:

  1. Preparing a detailed critique of how the Assessor has arrived at the assessment;
  2. Inspecting the property and interviewing key personnel to understand the utility of the property and identify any functional challenges the existing processes, layout and design have when compared to a modern replacement;
  3. Undertaking exhaustive research and supporting analysis on the external macro variables that impact the specific industry (automotive vehicle assembly, pulp and paper, etc.);
  4. Translating our research and findings into a model approach that supports true Replacement Cost (“what would be built today?”) and then considering external market influences that impact economic value; and,
  5. Presenting our findings in a well-crafted valuation report that is supported by appraisal and assessment texts, industry citations, and appropriate case law.

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