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On the last Thursday of July, AEC Property Tax invited their guests to "Be the CAPtain of their Property Tax Destiny". AEC's first boat cruise event featured an afternoon sail around the harbour, with an educational session focused on the government prescribed Capitalization Rates and their impact on property tax assessments. 

AEC’s keynote speaker Charles Johnstone, Managing Director of Expert Witness services, spoke about the influence of Capitalization Rates on the assessment of various commercial properties and the recent research done by AEC. As part of his presentation, Charles used several knot tying demos to tie in to the importance of the correct application of these Capitalization Rates.

If you're interested in hearing more about Capitalization Rates and how they can impact your property tax assessments, contact our resident expert, , at 416.642.3044 or by email at cjohnstone [at]

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