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For more than 44 years, AEC has set the standard in assessment and tax management strategies. Our reputation has been built on our ability to identify significant cost-saving opportunities for our clients and our commitment to developing long-lasting relationships. We have often found that a proactive approach helps minimize overall risks. We are able to do so using information gathered in the planning phases.

We share this knowledge with our clients in a transparent way, in order to de-mystify the process behind property tax minimization and accurate valuations. After all, it is the clients' right to know how their property is being taxed and which strategies we utilize to approach their unique complex problems. We are then able to reduce the risk associated with large property tax liabilities and enable our clients to properly manage and forecast current and future tax liabilities. We increase the certainty of a key expense item and identify and deliver on opportunities to reduce this cost to our clients’ business. Our advice, counsel and the results we deliver enable our clients to make informed decisions, understand a key expense item and ensure they are paying no more than their fair share of tax.

AEC is a TRACE Intermediary Member, representing commitment to anti-bribery compliance and ethical business practices. We support commercial transparency with our customers, business partners, suppliers and others. .