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Our Unique Method is BEING TRANSPARENT to our clients.


AEC's Client Service Model

The AEC group of companies’ strong performance year after year is a testament to our people, our corporate endurance, our regionally diversified business, and our focused management. Our results reinforce our entrepreneurial spirit, which inspires AEC to innovate and continually exceed the expectations of the market and our clients. While we are a small company competing on a large stage, we continue to prosper, gain eminence and increase our market share. As Canada’s largest privately‐held property tax consulting firm, we continue to
lead through client‐centric services, innovation, and customized solutions through the development of high quality service, cutting edge technologies, and cultivating a culture that drives success.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality advisory, consulting and valuation services in a client centric environment through the mastery of speed, quality, and value. Our mission will be achieved through the combination of technology, innovation, and client focused solutions. While AEC still stands by our core services of traditional consultation and assessment appeal, we will continue to expand our service offerings and become a leader in the next dimension of property tax and data services. We will continue to deliver exceptional client service by combining our expertise, our unique industry knowledge, and our specialized data management systems and processes within a rapidly changing environment. Key measures of our success are our highly valued, long‐term client relationships, the development of a highly motivated, engaged, trained and client‐focused team of professionals, and the creation of our innovative,‘best‐in‐class’ management systems.

AEC prides itself on the long-term relationships we build with each of our clients, constantly proving that we deliver on our mandate to minimize real estate occupancy costs and maximized property value.

AEC is a TRACE Intermediary Member, representing commitment to anti-bribery compliance and ethical business practices. We support commercial transparency with our customers, business partners, suppliers and others. .