Vacancy By Laws - What you need to know for 2018

If you have properties in Ontario, we have a Vacancy By Law Schedule based on different municipalities' approved legislation. Find out what vacancy opportunities your commercial or industrial properties may have.

You can download this guide directly . This may be the last year to apply to the program.

For 45 years, AEC has been helping commercial and industrial property owners manage their tax liability. Not only do we have the knowledge and experience to help you forecast taxes on existing properties, we can anticipate taxes on new projects and acquisition before they are levied!

As the single largest realty operating cost, property taxes can become a burden to cash-flow – especially when they increase unexpectedly. Estimating property taxes can be extremely difficult for property owners, with ever-changing portfolios, property values, and municipal tax rates. We can help assist you with adding tax certainty to your portfolio.

We regularly provide annual budget planning guidelines to our clients who require this help. If you need support or have other questions as it pertains to the appeal deadlines for the 2018 tax year, please reach out to your Client Manager or aluu [at] (subject: Email%20thru%20Vacancy%20By-Laws%20guide) (email us)

. We guarantee a response within 1 business day.