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Upcoming 2019 Triennial Roll: Trend for Increases

Property values in Granby and other cities in the 2019 evaluation cycle are continuing to rise. The new three-year assessment roll for 2019 filed by the City shows an average increase in values of 5.2%. This upward trend in values will be affecting all sectors, specifically the industrial sector and vacant buildings/land. In the municipality of Granby, industrial land and buildings are facing value increases by 10.2%.

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2017 Assessment Year Modifiers Finalized

Please note that our initial publication on December 22, 2017 sourced information from Alberta Municipal Affairs' official release, which contained incorrect AYMs for Electric Power and Telecommunication properties. The values in the table below have been updated to reflect the corrected values.

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Saskatchewan Revaluation: Significant Increases Expected in 2017

Provincial legislation in Saskatchewan mandates that the assessed values, on which school and municipal property taxes are levied, be updated every four years. The process was last undertaken in 2013, based on 2011 values. Accordingly, the next revaluation will take place in 2017, utilizing 2015 as the base year. 

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2017 Calgary Advance Consultation Letters Have Been Mailed

Similar to last year, The City of Calgary Assessment Business Unit has mailed their Advance Consultation Period (“ACP”) letters well in advance of the 2017 taxation year. Letters inviting all Business and Non-Residential property owners to participate in ACP were mailed on June 20, 2016 and should arrive shortly, if they have not already been received.

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