Brazeau County Passes 2017 Tax Rates and Rebate Program

Brazeau County will maintain its municipal tax rate for 2017 property taxation through the use of reserve funds and grants.

Elected Reeve Bart Guyon says, “We’re proud to have no increases to taxes rates for a second year in a row. We’ve also been able to maintain the 30% reduction in residential taxes from 2015, and for the second year in a row, we’ve been able to offer our businesses a tax rebate to help them through these tough economic times. And we’ve done this despite reduced revenue from linear assessment.” 

The municipal portion of the tax rates remain as follows:

  • Residential/Farmland:                    0.002002
  • Non-Residential:                              0.009046
  • Machinery & Equipment:               0.009046
  • However, mill rates for some properties will increase year over year. While Residential and Farmland rates will see a decrease of 1.32%, mill rates for Non-Residential and Machinery & Equipment assessments will see a slight increase in 2017. The Seniors Foundation mill rate is going up 22% due to a decrease in taxable assessment, resulting in a 0.41% increase to Machinery & Equipment mill rate. Non-Residential property will see a 3.7% mill rate increase due to increases to both the education requisition as well as the Seniors Foundation mill rate increase.

  • Tax Rate Bylaw 945-17 will be available on the county’s after May 1.

  • Tax notices will be mailed in mid-May and taxes are due on June 30, 2017.