AEC Celebrates International Women's Day

AEC is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. Our team is comprised of skilled professionals in their field, 40.8% which are women!

Balance drives a better working world, and with the support of those around us, we're going to achieve that #BalanceforBetter.

Here's what some of our ladies had to say about their experiences:

As a Mother of four; and working in the professional services industry… achieving the balance between family and profession wasn’t straightforward. Much has evolved since the launch of my career in the early 1990s. Confidence, determination, technology and aligning with like-minded professionals has been key in providing me with the ability to be a Mom and continue with my career aspirations. 
We have made such huge strides in the movement for gender equality. Despite that, there is still a lack of gender parity in certain industries, specifically amongst leadership roles. I am thankful that many of my colleagues, both men and women, encourage me in my career development, and that I have the opportunity to participate in industry committees which promote balance (for better!) Being part of CREW M (Commercial Real Estate Women) has given me the chance to work with so many empowered and likeminded leaders who share this vision of equality. Slowly we are seeing this shift towards a near 50-50 split in executive positions, and I look forward to a future where that is the norm.  
#BalanceforBetter #IWD2019 #ChallengetheStereotypes 
In my relatively short career, I count myself as very fortunate to have had mentorship opportunities from an incredible calibre of women.  I’ve certainly had outstanding male mentors as well, but in an industry still largely dominated by men, these women stand out for their leadership, tenacity and creativity. Thank you for setting the bar so high by consistently maintaining strong business ethics while keeping a smile on your face and those of the people around you.  
My first salary negotiation was sprung on me and it wasn’t until after the meeting that I realized I still wouldn’t be able afford to live in Toronto on my raise –not just because of the crazy Toronto rental market. A male colleague with the same job title was earning 15% more than me for the same work.  
Historically women don’t negotiate salaries and they don’t get paid the same as their male peers. So ladies do your homework and be prepared to negotiate – ask for that raise. Working at AEC, I feel empowered to have salary negotiations and confident that my manager will advocate that I am fairly compensated for my work.


Together, we will work towards a more inclusive and balanced world for all.