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City of Calgary Assessment Announces 2016 Advance Consultation Period

The City of Calgary recently mailed letters to all non-residential business and property owners regarding the Advance Consultation Period (ACP) for the 2016 taxation year. ACP is an opportunity for owners and their authorized agents to obtain preliminary 2016 assessment values and open discussions well in advance of the finalized values being mailed out in January of 2016.

This year, the Advance Consultation Period will run from October 6 – November 6, 2015.

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BC Property Tax Bills are Out!

The 2015 property tax bill for British Columbia properties have been sent out. The taxes are payable by July 1 to avoid the 5% penalty.

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Market Value Assessment in Ontario...really ?

In today’s real estate environment and in particular in the Greater Toronto Area, there are very strong levels of buying activity and in particular, when one uses the existing realty assessments as the benchmark for measuring strength.

What do we mean by this and why should I take notice ?

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AEC Response to Calgary Councillor Gian-Carlo Carra on the Issue of Taxes

AEC Senior Consultant, John Smiley, has written a response to address specific tax issues that Calgary Ward 9 Alderman incumbent Gian-Carlo Carra has brought up in his campaign for re-election. As a participant in the assessment appeal "mini-industry" of which Mr. Carra speaks, John and AEC believe that we can offer another point of view for consideration, as John writes below.

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AEC Win: Molson Toronto Brewery

Great result for our long-time client, Molson -- the resolution of 10 years of taxation with estimated savings in excess of $3,000,000 for our client!

The AEC Industrial Team concluded another highly successful appeal, resulting in significant savings that exceeded our client's expectations. Rather than go straight to hearing, these appeals were scheduled into ADR (Alternate Dispute Resolution) with a Vice Chair of the Assessment Review Board presiding.

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AEC Win: Edmonton East (Capilano) Shopping Centres

Congratulations on a fantastic win for Edmonton East (Capilano) Shopping Centre, and more importantly for the taxpayers of Alberta! It sets a great precedent by now limiting the right of the assessor to increase assessments that are within the context of an active complaint. Details can be downloaded .

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Fraser Institute Report: "The Compliance & Administrative Costs of Taxation in Canada 2013"

Last week, the released a report on "The Compliance and Administrative Costs of Taxation in Canada 2013".

While the direct and explicit costs of taxes simply being the economic costs of the tax itself, there is a different cost to tax that maybe factor into the total effect of a tax on both taxpayers and taxcollectors, as summarized below:

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2012: A Banner Year for AEC’s Energy Practice

After all the numbers were crunched, AEC's Calgary-based Assessment & Tax Management (ATM) team proved that 2012 was a productive year. It was one marked by increased efficiency and unprecedented delivery of our Energy clients' requirements. The final 2012 tax payment approval reports have been tallied; they have processed more than $165M in taxes for our Energy clients – in more than 450 jurisdictions in Western Canada and the Northern US!

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BC Assessment Commercial Property Values – Average Percent Change by City

If you own or occupy commercial property in British Columbia, it is of immense interest to you what percent changes can be seen across various cities in British Columbia. This provides you a starting point for comparing your recent assessments. We have summarized the averages for various cities below, as reported by the BC Assessment Authority. If you have a question...

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Calgary Property Owners: ACP Update

AEC actively participated in the City of Calgary's Advance Consultation Period (ACP). It has provided us with an excellent opportunity to engage in the assessment process and to review the details of our clients' properties and businesses prior to the 2013 Assessment Rolls being finalized.

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7 Things to Know about MPAC's Non-Residential Property Re-assessments

MPAC is in the final stages of preparing the 2012 CVA Assessment Notices to be mailed to property owners. You may have already received your notice for your home, while the industrial and commercial sectors are the next group to receive their notices.

AEC has been able to ascertain 7 facts about the updated values and re-assessment processes, which may help you as a taxpayer:

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Ontario Properties Receiving Re-assessment Notices to Determine Taxation for 2013 to 2016

Property Taxes represent the single largest controllable expense impacting commercial and industrial properties in Canada. In Ontario, the province-wide property tax reassessment occurring in 2012 for the taxation years 2013 to 2016 will affect all non-residential properties. has started mailing out over 5,000,000 property assessments notices (September 13 to November 16).

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