2019 Property Tax Rate approved for The City of Edmonton

The City of Edmonton has announced the finalized 2019 property tax rates this week and as expected, rates have continued to climb. This years combined tax rate for non-residential property is 0.0218496, up from the 2018 rate of 0.0212187. This works out to be an approximate 3.3% increase year-over-year.  

Edmonton's finalized tax rates are as follows: 


Total Tax Change per $100,000 of Assessment

Year Assessment Tax Rate Tax Levy Difference % Change
2018 $99,600 0.0212187 $2,114    
2019 $100,000 0.0218496 $2,185 $71 3.30%


The City of Edmonton will be distributing 2019 property tax notices in late May and require taxes to be paid in full by June 30th. Even if a property is under appeal, property owners are still required to pay their property taxes in full by June 30. If your assessment valuation is altered by an Assessment Review Board you will be reimbursed for any paid taxes.

 If you’re concerned about rising taxes, get in touch with our team now and we can take on preliminary 2020 discussions on your behalf or provide tax budgeting to assist in corporate planning strategies.