2019 Notice of Assessment Mailing Date Notification - Alberta

It's that time of the year again! Notices of Assessment (NOA) were recently mailed to Calgary and Edmonton non-residential property owners, kicking off the 60-day Customer Review Period. In order to review and provide appeal recommendations to you as efficiently as possible, please forward copy of each NOA to our team at:

e: aeccalgary [at] aecpropertytax.com
f: (403) 265-0274

NOA's were mailed to all property owners on January 3, 2019, with an appeal deadline of March 12, 2019

NOA's were mailed to all property owners on January 2, 2019, with an appeal deadline of March 11, 2019

Municipalities across Alberta are individually responsible for issuing annual property assessment notices and mailing dates can vary year-over-year. If your portfolio contains properties outside of Calgary or Edmonton, please keep an eye out for these and forward along when received. While few have finalized mailing dates, if you have any questions regarding a specific municipality, please reach out to your AEC consultant directly for assistance.


Due to legislative changes, some Calgary property owners received a letter dated November 1, 2018 indicating they would no longer receive a Notice of Assessment. If you received such a letter for any properties, it would be appreciated if you could notify/forward on to us, as well.