$1.7M in Annual Tax Savings for BC Social Housing Clients

AEC's recent efforts at BC's appeal board resulted in an outright exemption for multiple Social Housing properties we represent.

AEC is pleased to report that we have successfully achieved outright exemption for 35 social housing properties. As a result, these properties will no longer pay property tax on a go-forward basis and the tax savings will be in excess of $1.7 million annually.

AEC is proud to be the leading provider of property tax relief for social housing and the non-profit industry in BC.

In addition to achieving savings on behalf of our clients, we are also lobbying municipal and provincial governments to make changes in legislation and bylaws to provide broad relief for all social housing properties and non-profit groups throughout the province. We appreciate the concerns expressed by non-profit housing stakeholders and will continue to work alongside - and on behalf of - our clients to ensure their concerns are properly articulated.

If you would like further information on our progress, or have concerns about the value of your own non-residential property assessment, please contact vleschuk [at] aecpropertytax.com (Vance Leschuk )

in our BC office for a second opinion.