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Vancouver Initiates Audit Process for New Empty Homes Tax

Have you heard about Vancouver’s new Empty Homes Tax?

The implementation of the controversial Vacancy Tax By-law No. 11674, also known as the Empty Homes Tax (EHT), by the City of Vancouver is currently underway, effective for the 2018 calendar year. Homeowners are required to file a declaration online by Feb. 2, 2018 stating that their home has been occupied for at least 6 months out of the previous year (January 1, 2017 – December 31, 2017).

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British Columbia 2016 Tax Rates Finalized

The following is a list of 2016 property tax rates for most of the major markets in BC, which include the 2016 tax rates for Class 6 (Business/Other), Class 1 (Residential) & Class 5 (Light Industrial).

The table also includes a Class 6 vs. Class 1 comparison, highlighting the difference in 6 vs.1 rates for each jurisdiction.  Sorted from the lowest discrepancy, this year’s winner is Prince George with a rate variation of 2.08 times, while 2016’s “worst offender” is Coquitlam with a commercial tax rate 4.45 times higher than their residential rate.


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Fraser Institute Report: "The Compliance & Administrative Costs of Taxation in Canada 2013"

Last week, the released a report on "The Compliance and Administrative Costs of Taxation in Canada 2013".

While the direct and explicit costs of taxes simply being the economic costs of the tax itself, there is a different cost to tax that maybe factor into the total effect of a tax on both taxpayers and taxcollectors, as summarized below:

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