Our Unique Method

We prevent & eliminate DANGERS for our clients.

The greatest credential that we are able to offer to our existing clients and those that choose to engage in a relationship with us lies in our ability to deliver results that meet the various needs of our clients.

We treat each client engagement as a Highest and Best Use exercise. Highest and Best Use is a traditional real estate valuation principle that we apply to our consulting efforts. Our ability to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our clients and earn their continued and loyal trust is a direct result of the allocation of our resources in their area of greatest productivity. Easier said than done, understanding the abilities and method of operation of people is dramatically different and distinct from the more sterile definition of highest and best use as it applies to real property.

Our people spend their time doing what they do well and in particular where their ability is perceived to be at a level of excellence and/or unique to others.

Our focus on the productive alignment of resources is enabled by our continuing effort to understand individual strengths and institutionalize the learning that comes from putting the resources to the use.

Each engagement starts with a Strategy Circle®* to ensure both the client and our selected team are clear on the goal, desired outcomes, obstacles preventing us from achieving the outcomes and identification of specific strategies to overcome said obstacles.

When we complete a project, team members are required to complete an Experience Transformer®* that details what worked, what didn’t work, outlines what we would do differently knowing what we know and identifying specific actions for improvement to ensure next time it is better, faster, bigger and stronger.