Legislation Changes

BC's New Foreign Ownership Tax

In a surprise development, BC Government announced a new 15% tax for any residential properties purchased by a foreigner investor effective Aug. 2, 2016.

MPAC Improves the Tenant Information Program and Takes it Online!

Annually, in striving for more accurate assessments, MPAC collects property rental, income and expense information for >65K Ontario commercial, industrial and multi-residential properties.

New City of Mississauga Stormwater Charge for 2016

There is a new stormwater charge being levied for properties in the City of Mississauga. This will appear on Region of Peel water bills, beginning in 2016. This charge will apply to non-residential, single and multi-residential properties.

Ministry of Finance Currently Reviewing Business Tax Capping and Vacancy Rebate Programs

The Ministry of Finance is currently examining realty taxation policies and is currently seeking input from various stakeholders as it relates to the Capping Program, first introduced as a temporary measure in 1998.